Top Promotion Sites – Sell, Book, and Kindle

If you don’t get “Sell, Book, and Kindle”, you’re either too young to remember the Kim Novak movie Bell, Book, and Candle or you do and are groaning at the pun. Either way, here are promotion sites I’ve found to help authors with marketing. While most are free, some offer additional services for a small fee. I have noted what the primary requirements are and any other pertinent information. I hope it helps.

addicted to books         need five Amazon reviews

Awesome Gang               free promotion to readers via email

Bargain ebook Hunter  free to post free books; can pay $10 for placement on a certain day

Books on the knob        free and $.99 books and discount Kindle

digitalbooktoday            need Amazon rating of 4.2 stars and 25 reviews

ebooks Habit                    free promotion but $10 for guaranteed placement or $20 book of the day

eReaderPerks                    free promotion for Amazon, Kobo or Barnes and Noble Books

flurries of words               $4 per mention per book

the frugal reader               great to promote blogs

freebooksy                         only promotes free books

free and discounted books   $10 for free books and higher for non-free ones

Goodkindles                       promo packages from $7.95                         no adult only books; must post link back to them

moreforless online           need 4 or 5 stars and 5 reviews

Pixel of Ink                          free & $.99 Kindle books; includes advice for Kindle Free Day users

Sweet Free Books            books must be free

Wattpad                              promotion for books of any price

Wise Grey Owl                   submit synopsis, cover and link; UK


ask David                           $15 support package – one time for all your books

Author’s Den                    Can upload all books

Authonomy                      Can upload chapter by chapter and get reviews

Author Alliance                Support for authors and charge for promotion

Black Caviar                      free promo and author interviews

Book Goodies                  free to submit books and give interviews

Book Nutter                     traditionally published books

Book Browse                   You’ll compete with best sellers here

The Frugal Book Promoter  Offers help with promotion; cost for book


Goodreads                       Submit books for free; Rate books. find books to read and review, and discussions

Google books         is primarily a store

Library Thing                   Submit books for free; join discussion groups

Nothing Binding             Submit books for free

Shelfari                               Submit books for free; find books

Scribd                                  Claim they have the world’s largest digital library

Digapalooza                      Message board for librarians – I just put it in because it sound neat.


Absolute Write                 After 50 forum posts, you can get reviews

Biblioconnection             Prompt scheduling of interviews and book listings

NextBigWriter                  Earn points critiquing others then have your work reviewed

Scribophile                        Earn Karma points reviewing others, then get a review

Writer’s Carnival             Writer’s group


IndieAuthorland             Submit book/interview – See my interview Jeanie Clemmens on Oct 5

Book Buzzr                       Post link to books, get page flipping widget

book mooch                    Trade books with others

jacketflap                          children’s books

Nonfiction Author’s Association  – a community of non-fiction authors

Independent Author Network   run by writers; small cost to join

Script Magazine              For screenwriters

World Literary Cafe        free promotion; includes read and review, tweet teams, and bloggers


Grimnian Promotions           Twitter

Indie Author Anonymous  $5 to list Amazon blurb on Facebook

Indie Author Success             Twitter

Indie Book Promotion          lists free books for free; $25+ others

Indie Book Promoter            Twitter

The Masquerade Crew          Twitter posts for $15 – $100 and other services

Novel Publicity                         Hign end: offers consultants

Additional sites can be found on Doris-Maria Hellmans’ site.

My books can be found on Amazon and Smashwords

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