The Healthy Diet Dilemma






There will be NO lengthy discussion or video here that requires a lot of your time before you can find out what those “5 foods you must not eat” are. I write a lot but most of my income comes as a cashier in a large, world-wide grocery retail store. I am neither a nutritionist/ doctor, nor do I have an inspiring personal story of how I lost weight, stopped the aging process, or grew a new kidney (I was born with only one) by following a certain diet. My aim in this article is to pass on information and hopefully provide help to anyone who finds reading ingredient labels, planning what to eat, and choosing foods that are right for you (not necessarily for everyone) as difficult a task as I do.

The advice to consult your doctor is of course most important because as your personal advocate and expert, he or she can tell you what foods you should eat and what to avoid. A really good doctor will take the time to analyze your diet and even offer advice about small details such as whether you should eat tuna or a brazil nut (both high in selenium) or, in my case, what foods to avoid to prevent kidney stones.Unfortunately, this may add to your medical expense or not be available under your health plan.

That said, where do you go from there?

There is an interactive tool for Health Care Professionals that you can use to get recommended daily amounts of calories, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals by typing in your height, weight, age, and gender. (No names) You will have to search Google for it.

My Plate Daily Checklist is another site which you can use to track eating habits. Select, say age 4-8. then calorie level desired (1200 – 2000) for your personal analysis.

Button code: SuperTracker can help you plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.

Now that you have your requirements, you can do research (I did a lot) to find out which foods have which nutrients. I kept a journal but found it a problem to keep looking back and forth every time I was hungry, or going to shop. I did make the mistake of buying a lot of “superfoods” (seaweed, dark chocolate, brown rice, salmon, exotic vegetables etc) only to find I either didn’t like them or couldn’t use them up before they spoiled. I should mention that I gave up sugar, bread, baked goods, and most processed food eight months ago which complicated things. I learned to “pare down the pantry” and use what I already had to make meals. Some people like cereal for breakfast and can find low sugar, high fiber choices there. I cook vegetables and  egg for breakfast adding hamburger, quinoa, Tostitos tortilla chips, turmeric or ginger, as wanted. The point is: balance.

If you are already a lacto-vegetarian, follow a paleo diet, or one that is gluten-free, diabetic, IBS-friendly, or heart-healthy — good for you. You probably already read labels and know the rest of this.

An overview of food ingredients. additives, and colors can be found on the FDA government site with a  list of sweeteners but it does not include stevia, xylitol, and inulin. The last one has started showing up in organic foods and sugar-free pudding. While inulin is not bad for you, some research shows that it can “free” bacteria which cause pneumonia. Xylitol has been shown to prevent ear infections and cavities by killing staph germs but it can also kill lacto-bacillus and may have a laxative effect. Store and dispose of gums properly as it can be fatal dogs.

Food Babe posts A Full List of non-organic ingredients allowed in organic food.

Also Christina Guyanese of Shape Magazine, wrote an article,14 banned foods still allowed in the U.S.

Frankly, reading labels lengthens your shopping time but it often results in people putting things back on the shelf and making better buying choices. I see an increasing number of customers buying healthier products. One man in a wheel chair bought only scads of fruit. I don’t judge, but for me, while fruit has a lot of vitamins, it also has sugar (fructose). Consumers of organic meats, vegetables and yogurt are willing to pay considerably more for those products, but should be aware that not all organic products (and energy bars/drinks) are the best – better – but again, read the label. A roll of corn meal mush (cornmeal, water, salt) costs $1.54 while organic corn cereal can run $5.98. Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. If you love chips, you should know that Doritos have no sugar and Lay’s potato chip ingredients are simply potatoes, safflower oil, and salt. Also frozen vegetables are equally nutritious as fresh but cost much less and some “healthy” foods, like miso and capers, have high sodium content.

So beware and check labels. It doesn’t mean that you can’t eat well or enjoy favorite foods in moderation, it just means YOU choose what is right for you and not eat whatever a food company thinks you should have or want.




We want it NOW

polaroidcAMThe Polaroid Camera was an early source of instant gratification. You snapped a picture and out popped the picture. Of course you had to wave it around in the air and wait for whatever chemicals were present to dry, but it was fast. Have we become a new generation of consumers who want something immediately when we click a mouse or push a button? Yes and no. Our frustration with the spinning wheel on our Mac computer or the hourglass on Microsoft grows every minute it is on the screen, doesn’t it? You could microwave a pizza or make gourmet coffee in a Keurig in the time it takes for some files or pictures to load. Is the answer faster computers or cable service? Or do we need to find a balance between quicker and better?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????© Xochicalco | – Chef And Slow Cooker Photo

Is this you at work, in the kitchen, or on your computer?


Waiting can be productive sometimes, though. Often I hear someone say, “I’m thinking or doing this and that because I have to wait for such and thus to finish anyway.” (Well they don’t use those exact words – who says “such and thus”?)

In the race for faster, some pleasures are denied. Here’s some examples of tradeoffs:

  • Using GPS vs. the adventure of getting lost and finding your own way in a new city
  • Microwaving wings vs. partying with friends enjoying the aroma of slow basted wings on the grill
  • A cell phone snap of an Hawaiian waterfall vs. sketching the scene
  • A quick scroll through Twitter feed vs. reading a book or even writing one
  • Ensuring you have phone, tablet, & electronic keys etc. before a trip vs. leaving them all behind and going canoeing
  • Enhanced video game playing vs. learning to use your vocabulary with word games

I’m not one to say we should go back to old times or stop using the latest technologies. Google has saved me hours of racking my brain to remember an actor’s name or a football MVP. Innovation is useful –


Browniecam:mac Obsolete Brownie Camera on old computer tower.

However, we run the risk of becoming addicted to toys like the one where you have a short time to enter a sequence of musical notes by pressing colors to compete with the toy. I can’t mention the name but you may remember the family on American Dad became addicted to playing it. Quality work, meals, and writing take time but once you find how long it should take, you can relax and do something valuable while you wait. The recipe that follows is a joke but feel free to use it.

Elephant Stew

  1. One medium sized elephant                              Cut elephant into bite sized pieces (takes about 2 months)
  2. 50 gallons broth or gravy                                   Add gravy or broth to cover. Boil 4-6 weeks
  3. salt & pepper                                                         Season and serve to 3600 people
  4. Two rabbits (optional)                                        If more people are expected add two rabbits*

* Do this only if necessary because some people do not like to find hare in their stew.

OR you could read my book in under three hours – Mystery at Pima Point available on Amazon.

There are .001 microseconds in a nanosecond and 60,000,000 microseconds in a minute. It’s safe to say you have a lot of nanoseconds left to do something worthwhile starting NOW. Thanks for reading my blog, Jeanie