Mastering exercise on the plane

When in confined space, people often find exercise difficult to achieve. Reading is not exercise of the important physical  type although it is important enough. Owning the space though allows energetic movement of the internal body systems. Stomach crunches don’t necessarily need to be performed on a mat or open floor surface but can hasten better digestion if accurately performed in place. Of course sexual strengthening exercises have been popularly used in the past, but unless you’re up for copulado in the occupado, it’s best to stick with ones that travel well.

For  adipose tissue you’re carrying ( polite word for excess weight), seek out the strong bones lying underneath and work them. Not to say you shouldn’t take account of neighbors’ optimal pleasure or comfort, but don’t be dissuaded from the task. The stares of nosy people shouldn’t even matter. If you lift your left leg once to the ceiling or throw the head back, exercising important neck muscles, so it is. Another thought is being synchronized with the plane’s engineering workings itself.  I often feel tense with directional changes or unidentifiable vibrations , however breathing or beer takes it easily away.

Forgotten inner thighs need exercise. When walking, the load is usually on the femur muscles, knee joints, and glutes. Sedentary activities require more use of the inner leg muscles as you close or open them. Upper arms need an occasional workout too. Just be sure not to stress muscles to the uncomfortable point of an irritating charley horse or spasms in muscles.

Readers should have a smattering knowledge of logic, geometry or math or painting. Try thinking of the space as blank tile (toule if you sew often) and paint your own beautiful masterpiece on it masterfully.

Recipe for sustaining balance

Do you wonder if the gentle ‘glush’ of the ocean lapping up on the shore blinds you at first to what exists there openly on the sand? At the start of fuel (or food) intake the mouth and taste buds usually usurp control but it is the other body systems that ultimately deal with it.  How you eat affects energy and performs a function in balance strength for the particular biological substances that your body can use, and harbors better timing for digestion; trust, the average body knows how.


Are your tastes drawn to forbidden snacks? What’s in them? Just be sensible and read at least one  label ingredient displayed. Carbs count obviously, but vitamins and minerals, amino acids or even preservatives have beneficial enough restorative powers.  One has to prepare for timely exit of nourishment even before eagerly ingesting it. So you eat haphazardly?  Shup! Nothing is wrong with that. Balance, though, is the “opt” keeper.   If you’re still hungry after a full meal, it probably signifies that a mineral or element has been shorted in ingestion. Read labels and use logic: just be sensible.

Think about what occurs when a sexy James Bond or J-Lo appears up on the screen. Do you utter Damn then Think about Ellen Degeneres or Chaz Bono to neutralize the effect? No, the tendency is to sublimate immediately then swear or ship the feeling up tightly for later. Food has temptations as well, and you shouldn’t avoid, deny, or fight back but rather, gently tell them you’ll get back to them after you’ve satisfied the gut that sustains you. I’m not saying you should tantalize the food, but give it a “come on in” look at least once. Tell it, mentally, where nutrients should go  to be eventually absorbed. Finally, eliminating sugar allows balance in the rest of the body system. Eventually stored fat, tightly packed enzymes and absorbed energy are released to substitute for new lower levels of glycerin, glucose, and glucosamine. It’s prudent though to recognize symptoms when sweetening is needed for balance too.

Try picking out ingredients that aren’t nutritious enough before consuming for dinner; just as you select a happy birthday gift with reaction in mind, consider the body as the the “To: ” – a recipient gifted by someone very nice as you open up the mouth. I’ll bet your body responds gratefully.    Jeanie